Payot Tonique Reveil

Payot Tonique Reveil - Ascent Luxury Cosmetics

Skipping toner is a big French no. Subsequently, the world of Parisian skincare doesn’t have a bar of it. The must-have product prepares your skin for the steps to follow whilst furthermore ensuring the deep absorption of moisture. Completely remove your makeup with the Payot Paris Lotion Tonique Reveil. By revitalising your skin, the toner reveals the luminosity of your complexion. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than remnants of old makeup left on your face. The thought of it makes my skin prickly. Therefore, leave your skin clean and soft whilst additionally boosting your radiance with raspberry extracts.

French tip: Using a toner with a clean cotton round is the perfect way to triple-check that all your makeup is removed.

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